How You Can Use Cheap Auto Insurance to Help Our Kids

A recent study showed that less than 64% of Texas high school students will graduate. A poor economy, rising gas prices and increasingly lower wages are driving kids out of the house and into the workforce at a young age. If they don’t get detoured by drugs and alcohol first. We have to do something. YOU have to do something. And it can start with cheap auto insurance.

Um, What?

Has anyone ever told you that you can hear someone snorting in disbelief on the other side of the Internet? Go ahead. Laugh. But when it comes to helping our kids succeed every little bit counts. Sometimes the best place to start looking for that little bit is to look at the financial responsibilities that are holding you back from making a difference.

Including your auto insurance.

Studies suggest that auto insurance quotes can vary by over $100 a month. What would you do with an extra $1200 in your budget each year? Buy a car? Get ahead on a house payment? What if you took that money and donated it to a charity dedicated to helping America’s children finish high school?

They’re out there. Literacy organizations. Groups dedicated to helping adults find jobs so their children can stay in school. Private tutors that help children from economically underdeveloped neighborhoods stay ahead on their schoolwork, allowing them to finish their education and graduate with their peers. And find a decent job when they get out in the workforce. Scholarship organizations that pitch in to help kids who can barely afford a new pair of sneakers pay for college.

You can play a part in making all of that happen by searching around for better auto insurance quotes for the drivers in your house and letting the dollars you save make a difference.

So How Do You Hustle Up Cheaper Auto Insurance Quotes?

Figuring out what you’re going to do with the money you save once you’re not shelling out as much each month in auto insurance is the easy part. Figuring out how you’re going to save that money in the first place can get a little more complicated. I recommend you start with an online quote finder. Auto insurance companies love bringing in new customers. Most are more than willing to give you a break on your rates if you’re willing to give them your business.

Aside from that there are the obvious things you should be doing every day to save money on your insurance. Wait until you get home to text your sister and tell her about the awesome sale at Sears. Stonewall the urge to open up the throttle and see how fast your new Lamborghini can really go. Suck it up and take a driver improvement course. I promise, your pride can take it. Especially when the judge isn’t asking you to do it.

Then go out and tell your auto insurance carrier about it, enjoy the difference in your rates, tally the difference and take that money to the bank to start laying the foundation for our children’s success.